IV Infusion Treatment 

IV Infusion Treatment 

Restore the natural balance of your mind & body directly into your bloodstream with IV treatment.


Intravenous (IV) Vitamin Infusions are a powerful immune system booster with anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-histamine properties. Vitamins helps the body recover from inflammation, thrombosis, infection, colds and flus, fatigue, fever, as well as aid with post-surgical healing. As the vitamins enter the blood stream directly via the insertion site, the effects are received quickly and easily

The procedure

IV nutrient therapy is the process of giving vital nutrients to the body via the bloodstream by accessing the vein with a small needle. The nutrients can be a small amount that is pushed in slowly with a syringe over 5 to 15 minutes or a bag that is dripped in slowly over 30 minutes to 4 hours depending on the solution being given. Majority of people can tolerate most IV Infusion Treatment

Post Procedure

Vitamin infusions are relatively painless although you may feel a minor sting during the cannulation process (when the needle is inserted). You can resume normal activities immediately.

The Results

The nutrients in the IV solutions are absorbed directly by your cells without having to go through the digestive process. This means that nutrients are absorbed more quickly and at higher concentrations than oral supplementation


Can be performed as a sole treatment or during the recovery period after surgery. Intravenous (IV) vitamins is the delivery of essential vitamins directly into your bloodstream; such that your body achieves a healthy balance of essential vitamins.

Procedure Facts

up to 60 minutes costs between $210 - $550 immediate benefits felt All treatments include Epical HealthMed’ physician consultation Initial consultation will be redeemed against treatment


Results may vary from patient to patient

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